Our company

The company V-V control Ltd. is a temporary employment agency focused on providing job offers and helping in the search for qualified employees and professionals. It is built upon the achievements and activity of the company V-V servis Ltd., which has been operating on the Slovak market since 2000. Our company provides unique assistance and support in building working teams with a view on long-term functionality and maximum efficient performance.

Thanks to specially selected, high-quality, and motivated candidates, we are able to continuously move a company forward, while at the same time strengthen the existing working environment and the stability of the existing working teams, who are regularly trained in management and health and safety. Through innovation, flexibility, and a constant adaptation to market conditions, as well as the needs of the client, we are able to help our business partners to grow, while, at the same time, ensuring the satisfaction of our registered job-seekers.

Our services

Hiring a labour force
Legal advice
Organization and management of recruitment
Setting up a system of remuneration, assessment, and training

Operating the budgeting department
Sharing the internal and external communications of the company

Evaluating employee performance
Creation and implementation of activities to achieve corporate goals

Our partners

and their characteristics

Our partners are stable companies and job-seekers, who are interested and want to work and progress. We offer companies that want to increase their competitiveness, staffing solutions prepared with respect to their concrete and specific needs. Our personnel consultants and managers support both job candidates and employers in their continued professional growth and development.

Our company

From the very first moment we begin working together, you can count on our personable approach, experience and the continuous improvement of our services in accordance with current legislation. We have a solution for every client that will help to optimize personnel policies and implement any project. We provide you with ideal personal, telephone and internet support and, during the entire course of our collaboration, selected specialists will tend to your every need.

Current job offerings

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